Plant Nutrition


Plant nutrition plays a key role in maintaining a healthy plant and producing  quality playing surfaces. In order to achieve this we apply a folia feed every 14 days to the greens and surrounds. This consists of a specific tailored mix of micro nutrients and potassium with  a small amount of nitrogen added to each application. This little and often approach known as ‘spoon feeding’ maintains an even growth habit and avoids excessive flushes of growth. The plant becomes stronger, healthier and less susceptible to disease.

Following extensive trials in the US and impressive results from Course Managers and clubs, this year we have added the use of a turf growth regulator – Primo Maxx into our fortnightly programme.

Turf Growth Regulators are designed to regulate vertical leaf growth and promote a higher quality, dense sward of healthier turf for better playing conditions. The use of PGR’s (plant growth regulators) on turf plants encourages continued grow, just in a different way. Energy and resources normally used for vertical leaf growth are diverted to side shoots, stolons and the root system. Continually treated turf therefore has a bigger and healthier root system which helps the plant resist the effects of drought, stress and wear. Due to less leaf growth there are fewer clippings and a noticeably cleaner cut.

The added benefit we have seen this Spring is a more uniform growth pattern  across the greens. Normally the mix of grasses within the sward begin growing at differing rates which has an adverse affect on ball roll, however the use of Primo Maxx has evened out this growth improving playability.

The challenge to produce good consistent playing surfaces as early into the season as possible has been enhanced by the use of a balanced nutrition program aided by the use of the PGR. As a result the greens have responded well and are ahead of where they were last season.

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