Last Friday night Southern England was hit with strong winds and here at East Berks was no exception. We lost in total 15 trees around the course.

Following a course inspection on Saturday morning and discussions with the Course Management Committee the decision was made to close the course over the weekend on a Health & Safety basis. The trees that are on the ground cause little threat but the broken branches  or “hangers” were and still are a big risk.

The greens staff have spent the past 4 daysIMAG0917 IMAG0926 IMG-20140215-WA0011 storm damage cutting fallen trees and removing them from the course as much as possible.

The clear up continues and a couple of large pine trees will need felling by contractors, these trees have been taped off and still present a risk – please do not enter these taped off areas.

A couple more trees have fallen since Sunday morning so please take extra care around the course.

The weather looks a little more promising over the next few weeks, so hopefully we will get back to some kind of normality.



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  1. Nigel D Hopes

    Not surprisingly given the very wet weather the course is heavily infested with moss in many areas.

    Can I ask is there a plan for vigorous moss treatment as early Spring is one of the two ideal times to carry out treatment. I did try to find the course maintenance plan on the web site – if it is there I couldn’t see it.

    • Good morning Nigel
      Moss is probably on ever golf course in the country at the moment and we are no exception. Its difficult if not impossible to kill moss outright, the best attack against moss is strong grass coverage. As you say spring or actually when the weather suits we have an opportunity to carry out some work to help encourage the grass and “dilute” the moss. Our plan will be aeration on these areas and apply a heavy sand top dressings. With the drier and warmer weather hopefully on its way we should start to see the grass growth increase and in turn suppress the moss in most areas.
      I hope this helps

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