Agronamist Visit

Yesterday we had our annual visit from the appointed agronomist *David Stansfield. We walked the course and looked at how past aeration practices have affected the performance of individual areas.

Soil Profile from the 18th green. Showing reduced OM levels and improved soil structure.

Soil Profile from the 18th green. Showing reduced OM levels and improved soil structure.

The main areas we focused on were the greens. By using a simple soil profile sampler we could easily see the improvement in the greens where the Drill and Fill operation had been carried out. This is positive and a very good indication we are heading in the right direction.

We also looked at the new greens. With the use of a light meter we were able to detect the difference in light levels on each green with the back of the 10th being much “darker” than anywhere else. This is one of the main reasons why these areas are a little thinner than others. We have put together a bespoke maintenance program for these greens including continued tree removal, increased fertiliser applications, increased top dressings and overseeding.

A much more comprehensive report from David will be published in due course but all in all the general feeling was that we are in a very good position for the time of year and all looks very good for a great golfing season – bring on the spring !

* For more information about David please visit his website –


2 responses to “Agronamist Visit

  1. Hi Mat you mention the best of the 3 new greens but have not mentioned the worst the 9th and 8th. What are the prospects of playing these greens (8.9.10) every days from April this year??

    • Hi John a detailed report on all the greens and an update on the 3 new greens will be published in the next couple of weeks. Will keep everyone updated as best we can. As always the main thing we need on our side is the weather. Thanks for taking time to read the blog and please spread the word.

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