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Drainage update


The drainage work on the first tee has been completed as planned. We installed over 100m of drain runs to the area, all of which connect to a large soak away to the left of the tee. To maintain the effectiveness of the drains we will seed the runs as opposed to turfing them, this does mean that the drains will be visible for a few months but once the seed has germinated and established all should blend in nicely. The whole area will be solid tined, fertilised, top dressed and over seeded in the next few weeks.

With a trencher on hire we took the opportunity to install a drain to the front right of the 11th green, this will solve a water collection problem that has occurred over the past few wet months.

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8th pond

Stage 1
Work has started on the 8th pond area, the idea is to make the 2 ponds more visible and attractive as you walk down the fairway. The first step was to clear the line of mainly silver birch that particularly blocked the view of the back pond. The mound short of the area was then lowered to allow a glimpse of the two ponds from the fairway.

Over the next few weeks the whole area will be strimmed down and the debris collected and removed. Any bare soil areas will be overseeded with tall fescue to enhance the natural look of the area. A few of the rushes and reeds along the front edge of the pond will also be removed and the straw bales will be replaced with new ones to help filter and maintain the water quality. Looking forward the area will still be left to grow as naturally as possible inline with the advice received from the National Trust, after-all this area has proven to be a great spot for many different types of flora and fauna and we hope the members and guests get a better view of it.

Dragon Fly

Emperor Dragonfly


Water Lily

Drainage work

Drainage work has started on the forward first tee. The area has become almost unplayable now so this is essential work. We hope to get the work carried out by the end of the week. To avoid any delay in the work all tee markers shall be placed on the red (ladies) teeing area.
We will keep you updated with the progress.



Sorry for the lack of information coming out from the greenkeeping department, we were having a few IT difficulties but all is good now and ready to go. Just in time for the sunshine (hopefully).

Matt Nutter – Course Manager