Monthly Archives: March 2012

New Greens Up-Dtae

Mowing/shaping new greens

As the weather continues to improve and the golf course gears up for the start of the season the new greens are taking shape. The turf has rooted and settled well over the winter period since work took place to relay the surfaces. The greens have benefited from a programme of rolling with the turf iron, mowing and fertilizing. In terms of nutrition the greens have received two granular applications of 5-3-1 which will be followed with a 6-4-18 spoon-feeding every couple of weeks. This will be supplemented with liquid folia spray as per the remaining greens. In terms of the height of cut the greens have been maintained at 8mm throughout the winter, having lowered to 7mm this week with a view to dropping the heights further in the coming weeks. As we look to move the surfaces forward the greens will be top dressed towards the end of the week with further dressing applied in the run up to opening the greens for the weekend of the Palmer Bowl and Captain’s Drive In on the 22nd April.  10th Green