Course Up Date

Early morning frost

As we approach the festive period the golf course remains in good shape. Despite the gales and rain of the last few weeks the Autumn and Winter period has been much drier allowing staff to clear large amounts of leaves from around the course. In contrast to this period last year when the course was closed under snow, growth slowed around the 28th November compared to the 9th November in 2010. In effect there was 163% more growth in November 2011 vs. 2010, which explains the extra labour and diesel requirement for the month combined with added disease pressure. As a consequence winter work schedules are behind where we had planned. The fairways are due to be Verti-drainned in the new year and the woodland work between the 1st and 2nd holes completed. Work to the damaged greens has now been completed with the turf having settled in over the last few weeks. The greens have been rolled using the Toro 1600 pedestrian tees mowers. This light rolling helps firm up the turf and aid root establishment. The turf will be monitored for any signs of disease/stress and depending upon the weather the greens will be sprayed with a fungicide should it turn colder and snow. Essentially the turf will be left through until the spring when work will begin in earnest to get the surfaces ready for play, as ever this will be dependant on the weather.

Grass coverage across the golf course is as good as we have seen with the greens performing well with little if any signs of disease. Surfaces have been kept open with frequent aeration coupled with a wetting agent programme which drives water down through the profile. Selected areas have also been sprayed for worms following wet weather which has worked more effectively than in previous years.
The forecast looks set to turn colder over the weekend with the possibility of wintry showers. Looking further ahead it appears the weather will remain cold and wet at times, hopefully we don’t see as much snow as last year!

2 responses to “Course Up Date

  1. Stephen Boardman

    Matt, I have read your report and found it to be quite interesting. I would appreciate your views on the profiles of the new greens. I fully appreciate that the turf has only been laid in the last few weeks and that time is still needed for the vast amount of new turf to settle, my question is, How and when do expect your team to fill and dress the greens, to fill in quite pronounced areas of settlement. An example is on the front of the 9th green

    • Hi Stephen,
      When it comes to the profile of the new greens I guess you mean the makeup of the new rootzone, it is somewhat courser that the other greens, so the new greens will likely need more fertiliser and irrigation this year. Sample of the rootzone have set to labs for analysis and we have the results.
      When it comes to topdressing this will be carried out by hand (approx 1 tonne per green) to start with until they are firm enough to take machinery over them. Probably around March time. Light fertiliser applications will be carried out over the next few months, the greens will also be cut (by hand) and/or rolled when needed.
      It is very important to allow the new turf to “bed in” and the best way of doing this is simply do nothing and let them establish themselves over the winter period.
      Hope this helps,



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