Monthly Archives: September 2011

New Brush Attachment to Improve Playing Surfaces

Brush Attachment Cutting 3rd Green

Surfaces here at East Berkshire are benefiting from the addition of a new brush attachment. Brushing removes dew and stands the grass up ahead of mowing. The advantage of brushing allows for a much tighter cleaner cut, ultimately improving the quality of the playing surface. The brush is easily removed and is interchangeable between all three triple mowers; allowing greens, approaches and tees to be brushed and groomed as needed. Importantly from an operational perspective the beauty of the brush design is the way in which it is attached to the mower without the need for any modifications. Two bolts and a securing nut are all that is required. The lightness of the brush frame means there are no additional weight/compaction issues. When not in use, travelling between greens or when washing the machine off the brush lifts up and is secured out of the way. Traditionally brushing and mowing would require two people however the latest brush attachment means both jobs can be carried out by one machine and operator. The brush is available from a company which specializes in supplying the golf course industry. The website can be viewed at: