Course Update

Gradening 5th green Maintenance

Following a hectic Maintenance week the course has returned to normality. The graden process removed around 2 workman loads of material from each green followed by an initial 60 tonnes of top-dressing sand. The Drill and Fill operation cored down to a depth of 30-40cm while back filling each channel with kiln dried sand. The aim of this work is to improve drainage and provide decent playing surfaces especially through the winter months. We will monitor results with a view to continuing the Drill and Fill work on other greens. Surfaces were top dressed again during Maintenance Week with a further 30 tonnes of sand. This topped up the Graden lines and smoothed surfaces nicely. Heights of cut have been lowered back to 3mm with surfaces having recovered well, aided by the weather we have experienced. The greens are back to where they were in terms of playability. The timely and efficient manner in which all works were carried out owes much to the organisation, planning and dedication shown by the Greenkeeping team.

Drill and Fill

The greens have received a granular feed and are due to be sprayed this week with a soil and wetting agent application. The wetting agent helps to drive water down through the profile, thus keeping surfaces drier. We have experienced significant rainfall over the last couple of weeks (60mm) with the course holding up well. Tees and selected areas of fairways have been sprayed to control worm activity. As we approach the end of summer our focus turns to planning winter work schedules. The heather looks spectacular at this time of year, while the heather turves transplanted around the bunkers have established well. The success of the bunker work carried out over the last 3 years is a credit to the design and implementation by all concerned. The heather will be cut and the seed collected once flowering has finished as we continue to regenerate heather across the golf course as part of a wider landscape restoration.
Elsewhere work will commence on the building of the new shed now the base has been concreted and allowed to ‘cure’. August has been much cooler and wetter than expected with night temps dropping away sharply. The pond on the 8th has risen considerably with the banks having grown in well. In contrast to Spring which was warm and dry, the wetter conditions have seen the course green up with growth picking up and grass coverage returning to those areas burnt off earlier in the year. Fingers crossed the weather continues to improve and we can look forward to some decent golf!

Drill and Fill core filled with sand


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  1. Brilliant! Look forward to seeing it on Monday.

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