Course Maintenance

Course Mainteneance

Course Maintnenace begins this Monday (8th August) which will see a considerable amount of work focused on the greens. The plan will be to verti-drain the greens to a depth of 8 inches and then Graden the surfaces to remove thatch before  top-dressing surfaces. The process of Gradening removes around 12% of thatch compared to hollow coring which typically removes  between 4-6%. The verti-draining relieves compaction while improving drainage. The Graden has a set of rotating blades which work at depths below the surface of the greens removing thatch. The surfaces will then be top-dressed and a granular fertilizer applied.

Holes 7-15 will be closed on Monday to allow work to be completed efficiently and safely. Holes 16-6 will remain open for members to play, while on Tuesday the reverse will happen with holes 16-6 closed and holes 7-15 open. During Wednesday individual holes will be closed while work to complete top-dressing and brushing is completed as needed in order to restore surfaces.
As we strive to improve play through the winter months selected greens 10th, 15th, 18th will be ‘Drilled and Filled’. This process involves ‘drilling’ channels down into the profile (30cm) and back filling with kiln dried sand. This action is similar to hollow coring but works at a much greater depth. These 3 holes will be closed on Thursday while this work is carried out by contractors.
Although many members and golfers question the need to ‘rip’ the greens up it is worth noting that the surfaces have performed extremely well this year due to the renovation carried out last April and August. The positive benefits of the renovation work can clearly be seen not only from a playability point of view, but also an agronomic perspective: the sward is healthier, able to withstand heat stress, is deeper rooting and less susceptible to disease resulting in a saving of money and resources without the need to spray chemicals so often – and thus become more sustainable. This work also sets the greens up for the coming months as we head into winter. We would expect surfaces to be back to the same condition and playability within 2-3 weeks given favourable weather. The forecast looks set to remain dry which will hopefully see the work completed on schedule.

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