Course Up-Date

Heather bed at the 17th following trials to control couch grass

The weather last week interrupted preparations for the Captains Weekend following 28mm of rain between Thursday and Sunday.
Despite this the greens performed well with speeds hitting 9.5 – 10 ft, and
would have been quicker still had the rain not intervened. The greenstaff began work at 430am over the weekend in order to complete all preparations ahead of play and ensure the best conditions possible. With the current warm damp spell
disease pressure has increased significantly. With this in mind the greens have
been sprayed to check disease and maintain a decent surface as we now focus
attention on preparing for The Stag. New yardage posts have been placed along
the edge of each hole giving distances of 100, 150, 200 yards measured to the centre
of the greens. The new bunker at the bottom of the practice area has been
completed and is now open allowing members to hone their skills. Following
successful trials selected heather areas around the bunkers have now been
sprayed to control the couch grass. The finer fescue and wild flowers in
amongst the heather will be allowed to flourish as this in in-keeping with the
natural environment in which the heather grows and enhances the over-all
appearance. New heather plants are beginning to establish however this process
takes time and can not be rushed!. The main task this week will be to verti-cut
and top dress the greens once again. This is vital work which must be carried
out as we approach The Stag. Timings will very much be dependent upon the weather;
any windows of opportunity must be taken to achieve the maximum results.

2 responses to “Course Up-Date

  1. well done to all the green keeping staff in keeping the greens and tee s up too the east berkshire sanderd as i played today i noticed a divot bag had been left by some of the tees as to try to get people to use the seed so could small containers with a scoop which could refilled from the big green container by members as and when needed as i felt mybe there to far away

    • Stephen, Thanks for your comments, the course has really repsonded to the rain over the last few weeks and we are seeing the benefits of all the work carried out over the season so far. Divot boxes are located every two holes around the course, and are placed next to the teeing area giving everyone an oppotunity to re-fill the divot bags regardless of whch tees they are play from. In general the divot boxes are no more than a few yards from either set of tees. Unfortunatley having divot boxes on every set of tees would not guarantee all divots were filled!. Having said that the divot bag system does work well with golfers repairing the majority of divots from fairways and tees. Any remaining divots are filled by the greenstaff each day as part of the job of ‘course set up’. Divoting and more importantly repairing pitch marks is something we can all do to make a big difference to the condition of the course.

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