Course Up Date

Edging Bunkers

As we approach the middle of May the golf course has responded to the rain which fell over the weekend – 14mm. This has freshened everything up and combined with the cooler temps has eased pressure and stress on the sward. Growth on the greens has continued to pick up aided by the folia feed applied last week. Surfaces remain good, with pace picking up as the season develops. With this in mind the height of cut has been lowered by 0.25mm which has tidied up the surface nicely and removed the Poa seed heads. We will look to enhance surfaces with further grooming, verti cutting and top-dressing aided by a programme of rolling. Despite the damp humid weather we have not seen an out break of disease. The tees have received a folia feed and application of primo maxx. Primo maxx helps thicken the sward and improves coverage. Work continues on a daily basis presenting the course for play, this week efforts have focused on bunkers: flymoing, edging and the adjusted sand levels as needed. This operation is carried out every other week depending on conditions and growth, with bunkers raked on a daily basis. The main objective in the coming weeks will be to pencil tine the greens, promoting root growth, drainage and relieving compaction. The forecast looks more unsettled in the coming weeks with temps and rainfall around seasonal averages.


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