Course Up Date

Mowing greens early morning

With the bank holidays behind us we are catching up on work to the golf course. The greens have been groomed, brushed and top dressed with a further ‘dusting’ of sand (today), which should ensure a decent surface once again. The greens and tees are due to receive a folia feed this week to keep things tickling along and help manage stress. We will continue to keep the course presented and may look to roll greens this week depending on conditions. Looking at our records we would normally expect an average of 53mm of rain in April  however, we received just 0.8mm. In real terms 8.5 inches of rain have evaporated from the soil profile since January 2011, with 4 inches of rain falling – leaving a loss of 4.5inches or rain/moisture. This has had an impact on the golf course challenging its management. With temps peaking in the high 20’s and wind speeds of 20-30 mph the course is drying out. The fairways have held up well especially compared to previous years, and despite being dry growth and coverage remain. We are undoubtedly seeing the benefits of the verti draining and hollow coring coupled with the over seeding of fescue. As we head into May, and with the current forest fires in and around Crowthorne fingers remain crossed for some much needed rain.

One response to “Course Up Date

  1. The conditions have been remarkable. I visited a course in Suffolk last week which had not received rain since February. With a late spring last year and such a dry one this year you guys are certainly earning your money!

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