Course Up-Date

Hollow Coring Fairways

Following a hectic Maintenance week the golf course has returned to normality, all bunkers are now in play and the 11th and 12th holes playing to main greens. The planned work to greens and fairways was completed ahead of schedule as a result of the dry weather and the greens staff working 12 and 13 hour days. The greens have been scarified, top dressed and a granular 13-2-13 fertilizer applied. This will aid recovery and set the greens up for the coming months, complimented by folia liquid feeds. We will look to lower the height of cut towards the end of next week ensuring a decent playing surface, with the possibility of top-dressing greens with a further ‘dusting’. Growth has slowed down with the cooler temps and lack of rain. It is a balancing act to keep the greens firm and dry while not letting them wilt and become stressed. In order to do this we hand water ‘hot spots’ across the greens. This allows us to direct water exactly where it is needed and ultimately saves water usage.

Breaking up cores

In the coming week the main priority will be continuing to present the golf course for play while over seeding the fairways with fescue. The aim is to increase the amount of fescue which is a fine leafed grass native to heathland golf courses. Unlike rye grass, fescue is able to withstand droughts, although browning off in periods of dry weather it will survive and ‘green up’ following a shower of rain. Members are encouraged to use the divot bags provided on the first tee: filling divots across the golf course is something all golfers can all do to improve the course. Fingers crossed we have some rain which will help germinate the seed!


One response to “Course Up-Date

  1. Good job guys! Sounds like you had a good week and that you got a lot done. Looking at the forecast it seems like hand watering the ‘hot spots’ (I used to love ITV’s Strike it Lucky – “what’s a hot spot not?!”) will carry on for another week or so at least. Happy Easter!

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