Spring arrives at East Berkshire

Re-modelled 7th Green Complex

Following a decent spell of warm dry weather the golf course  is taking shape. Work continues in preparing for the season ahead, an increase in temps has seen growth kick in. Approaches and fairways have received their first cut of the year helping shape and define each hole. Work in removing and thinning selected areas of gorse continues which will promote new growth.  If the weather forecast remains favourable the greens will be top dressed with a ‘dusting’ of sand. This light application of material will help to restore smooth surfaces. An important but time-consuming job is verti draining the fairways. This is essential in relieving compaction caused through the winter, promoting root growth and aiding drainage. To date six holes have been completed and work will continue this week. Members are asked to give priority to the tractor and exercise caution when playing a hole where verti draining is being carried out. Incidents of  golfers hitting shots behind and in line of the tractor have occurred.  This work is slow and takes time to complete, it is simply not practical to stop for each group of golfers. The alternative is to close the hole whist this operation is completed. The other main task this week is turning on the irrigation system, checking for leaks and carrying out a full inspection of sprinkler arcs. It is vital that the sprinklers hit the correct areas of greens, approaches and tees minimising wastage and preventing areas drying out. A film crew from Croatia will be arriving on Wednesday. They are looking at how successful golf is here in the UK and what can be learned with a view to growing the game in Europe. As the forecast looks set to remain dry it seems Spring has arrived and we can all look forward to a decent golfing season!

One response to “Spring arrives at East Berkshire

  1. Morning Matt and Team. Glad to hear that the course is coming on. Look forward to teaching you how to putt on the newly topdressed greens soon.

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