Course Up Date

Turfing 12th Tee

Work on the golf course has gathered pace in the last week helped largely by the improvement in the weather. The turfing of the 12th tee/11th approach was successful using the larger rolls with a total of 1200 metres having been completed. In addition work continues to the bunker bases with a further 29 tonnes of sand having been added and compacted. The drier conditions allowed us to take advantage and pencil tine the greens. This is vital in order to keep the profile open, aiding drainage and encouraging root growth.  Last Wednesday we visited the Oxfordshire Golf Club as part of the BB&O BIGGA (greenkeeping) section event. It is interesting to note that the teeing area of one par 3  hole at the Oxfordshire is larger than the 9 smallest tees combined, here at East Berkshire. This illustrates the major problem we have and the importance of spreading wear coupled with the provision of winter tees. The course remains in good shape as we head towards spring. The greens are due to receive a folia soil feed/wetting agent application this week, with the other aim being to complete the last remaining turfing to the 10th green surround. As always the weather will play an important role in all of this!.

4 responses to “Course Up Date

  1. The course (along with this website) looks great. When do you expect to have the 11/12th greens back in use?

    • Richard thanks for your comments, with the turfing finally finished around the 11th approach it now needs time to put some roots down and firm up before opening the green. The plan is to open all the bunkers plus the 11th and 12th greens around the middle of April in time for the Captains drive in. It will be great to get the course back to normal and enjoy another good summer on the golf course.

  2. I have just come back from playing a round of golf and I’m amazed at the amount of work that still need to completed to get the course ready for Sring. So the tree trunk fencing running along the 9th hole seems to me to be a complete waste of manpower, surely there are more important things that the green keepers could be getting on with, like completing the rest of the grass laying , sand in the new bunkers and oh yes and clearing the leaves from the edges of fairways and ditches.

    • The area in front of the 9th tee has been stripped in order to allow heather to regenerate from seed. The addition of the fence is essential in protecting and stopping traffic (especially trolleys) entering this area. We have been unable to turf the remaining area around the 10th green due to the poor weather over the weekend and early part of the week. Attempting to lay turf in less than ideal conditons causes more damage and results in a less than satisfactory finish; we then have to spend more time going back to the area, which wastes time and resources. With an improved forecast next week turf has been ordered for Wednesday and Thursday, which should see this area completed. Out of a total of 21 bunkers there are 6 remaining that need sanding and compacting. We are able to sand and complete 2 bunkers a day, which means it should take no longer than 3 days to finish all bunkers. A considerable amount of time has been spent clearing leaves and in general the golf course is as tidy as it has ever been at this time of year. Leaves do collect in the ditches throughout the year and removing these is an ongoing job. In general, the remaining leaves are confined to wooded and out of play areas. The leaves act as a mulch underneath the trees, suppressing weed growth. An important skill in managing the course is being able to adapt work programmes/jobs and focus attention where needed, depending on factors that are out of our control, i.e. weather. It is worth noting that despite an ambitious programme of work this winter we are further ahead than at this point last year and remain on schedule to have the course fully open by the middle of April.

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