Course Up Date

Work to the bunker bases and trimming edges

Work to the bunker bases and trimming edges

The winter weather remains with yet more snow and freezing temperatures hitting the course hard. The recent snow from a couple of weeks ago did thaw allowing us a small window in which to complete work to the course before the  snow returned. The greens were sprayed with a fungicide which will hopefully stave off any disease while the snow remains. Some snow mould damage could be seen on certain areas of new turf. This should grow out when the weather improves. Despite the bunker bases remaining frozen work has progressed with the drains cleaned and a blinding layer of grit added. The grit allows water to move through the bunker profile while stopping the sand mixing with the gravel. Where the turf has rooted selected bunker edges have been trimmed back. The removal and thinning of selected trees as part of the woodland management program continues at a pace. Woodland between the 17th and 18th fairways has been thinned as well as over hanging branches along the 5th, 9th and 17th green. In addition the area between the 6th and 17th fairways has been thinned and selected gorse cut back. This will promote new growth and improve the playability of the hole. Members are welcome to help themselves to wood and bark chip stacked at the back of the members car park. The winter weather has allowed us to continue in-house training, machine maintenance and catch up on health and safety. With the forecast of day and night temps not getting above freezing the course is likely to remain closed as we head towards the festivities.

A Merry Christmas to you all!.

One response to “Course Up Date

  1. Well done Matt, Alistair and the rest of the team. Have a great Christmas and we look forward to seeing (and playing) the course in the new year.

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