Monthly Archives: November 2010

Bunker Renovation – Phase 3 update

Early Morning

The final phase of work to the golf course is nearing completion. The weather delayed work last week with the course battered by rain and high winds. Despite this work remains on schedule. 600 metres of turf was laid on Tuesday with another 600 metres ordered for Thursday (weather dependant) The aim is to complete turfing to the 12th and 14th holes leaving the 10th green surround and 11th approach, 12th tee. The fire damage to the 10th green has been repaired with 73 plugs removed. With some top dressing and rolling the plugs should knit together and grow in to match the rest of the green. The 4th greenside has been contoured, a new drain installed and turfed. The 5th greenside has seen the successful installation of sleepers and revetted turf. Additional ropes/white lines have been placed across the approaches of selected holes. This is to manage traffic and limit damage through the winter months. It is important to protect  the turf as damage caused now will remain all winter. Orange posts marking the golf course boundary have been placed to the left of the 11th green. In addition white out-of-bounds posts define the line of play. Despite the onset of winter the course remains in good shape. The weather is due to turn colder in the next week with the potential for snow in early December.

Bunker Renovation – Phase 3 Update

9th Green

Work to the final phase of bunkers continues to progress well. Heather has been placed around the 9th green side bunkers. In total 1200 squared metres of turf has been laid on the 9th, 10th and 12th holes. The contractors are currently working on the last two bunkers on the 16th. These should be shaped and soiled by the end of the weekend bringing the final phase of bunker work to a conclusion. The focus will then shift to the remaining projects scheduled for this winter : water catchment/flood prevention area in front of the 5th green, shaping/drainage work to left of the 4th green and the rebuilding of the 12th tee/reshaping of 11th approach. We are undoubtedly seeing the positive results of starting the bunker work earlier this year coupled with the decent weather of late allowing the contractors to complete on schedule.

Elsewhere on the course the main task has been collecting leaves. This involves the tractor mounted blower and vac working together collecting between 6-8 vac  loads of leaves per day. The greens have received a folia soil feed combined with a wetting agent application.

Leaf Collection

The purpose of the wetting agent is to drive water down through the soil profile thus helping to keep the greens drier through the winter months. The height of cut has been raised by half a millimetre as winter approaches and growth slows. Members are reminded to play from the winter mats on the 5th and 9th tees. This is in order to protect the small tees from excessive damage which would not recover through winter. During the month of October we received 63mm of rain and experienced a high of 21 degrees at the start of the month and a low of -3.7 degrees.