Bunker Renovation – Phase 3 Update

Work to the 11th fairway

Work to the bunkers has progressed well with the contractors having completed shaping and soiling to the 9th, 10th, and 11th fairway. They are scheduled to move to the 12th green on Friday, with the aim of completing this work by the end of the weekend. Once again the weather will play a crucial role in all of this! Heather has been placed  around selected bunkers along with 700 squared metres of turf which arrived at 630am on Wednesday. The turf is delivered to site from Grantham (Lincolnshire) and  laid within 24 hours of being harvested. The organisation and planning required should not be underestimated!. The 7th has now been tufted and marked as G.U.R. These bunkers have also been roped off to protect the areas untill the turf has rooted. A small opening has been left as an entry point to retrieve golf balls.

Completed bunker

Some people have asked why the turf is not trimmed around the inside of the bunkers. The answer to this is as the turf establishes and roots in along the edge it shrinks slightly which would result in the new edges crumbling. Once the turf has settled in the remaining turf will be cut back to a neat edge. The plan for next week is plant heather around the 9th bunkers and complete another 7oo squared metres of turf by Thursday. Elsewhere on the course the long rough has been cut and debris removed using our leaf vac.  This is an essential part of grassland management which encourages wild flower regeneration and indigenous grasses, whilst removing the coarser grass and thus keeping the rough wispy. As we have experienced a sharp drop in temperature ( -4 last night) and several early morning frosts growth across the golf course has dropped off reducing mowing frequency.

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