Bunker Renovation – Phase 3

The third and final phase of the bunker work started last Monday. The contractors have made good progress with the shaping work being completed on the 7th and 8th. This is in no small part due to the decent weather we experienced over the weekend, fingers crossed it continues!. The 8th has seen some major changes with a number of trees being thinned/removed, the green complex remodeled and pond created to the left of the fairway. The comments and feed back so far has been positive.

Elsewhere on the course it has been business as usual keeping the course mowed and presented nicely.  The fairways have responded to the over seeding and folia feed applied in September with many areas having filled in well. Again the weather has helped with decent soil temps and moisture aiding seed germination. The tees have received a feed this week which will keep them tickling along as we head into October.


7th Greenside Bunkers



8th Greenside Bunker Complex



Pond on 8th


One response to “Bunker Renovation – Phase 3

  1. Is this the same course I saw last week? Quite, quite beautiful!!

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